Evil Enthroned E​.​P

by Dreadeth

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released April 6, 2013

Music by Serg
Lyrics by Clarissa
Serg- All Guitars, Drum Machine,
Jawsh- Bass
Clarissa- Vocals



all rights reserved


Dreadeth Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: The Ninth Circle
The ninth circle
Souls of the reaping, trapped inside coffins of betrayl.
Ice dwellers in the pit of no return.
Their souls lay a waste forever concealed in regret.
Frozen in his chamber of woe.
Lifeless death all around, enclosing my veins.
All around…cold. All around…nothing
Eternal suffering devouring the senses.
In the dark, Lucifer reins over his chamber of treachery.
Frozen bodies lay a waste at my feet.
Painful cries of hatred and woe echo around me.
Lamenting the thoughts of their paradise lost.
They shall serve here forever.
Inside concrete ice you pay for the betrayl
Track Name: Repentance Of Hypocrites
Repentance of hypocrites
repent now, repent or suffer
Live to please your jealous god,
get on your knees you fucking slaves.
Repent now, repent or burn
You can never be free.
Living your life of prayer.
Carry your cross and drown in your saviors blood…
drown in your saviors blood.
repent now, repent or suffer
You can never be liberated, l
ive your life and serve forever.
Repent now, repent or fucking burn.
Live your life by your scripture of murder
and blood thirsty rage
Track Name: Invocation Ov Andraste
Invocation of Andraste
Blood on my face- sweat mixed with tears-
this is the face of vengeance you will learn to fear
They have their tactics- we have our hearts-
fear is not an option- on this day
We shall rise against- the roman armies-
as we carry flags of rebellion
Forever- shall we resist them-
until the day- we meet our deaths
Our ancestors - grant us- with might
Never shall we falter- our punishments
shall be swift -and merciless
May our forces gather-as we plan for revenge
100,000 we stand strong
We have no fear left in our hearts
Andraste! I invoke thee. Ignite the fire within me! T
hat I may claim victory. So I can claim victory!
Stand strong we rise up!, no fear we rise up!
You come to me, you’ll meet my sword…your impending doom.
Defend our land-we share the same desire
Fire burns within our veins- as we march toward our gain
Swinging our axes and swords-this is a fight to the death
Like sheep- they flock towards- a den of wolves
But if our blood shall spill- let it be for the land we love
When every soldier -meets the end of my sword
Let my name echo in their mind for eternity
I Boudicca
Romes greatest enemy
Track Name: Beyond The Realm
Beyond the realm
Bringer of timeless death,
reveal unto me the vastness and mystery.
Guardian of the untamed flame come, show me,
liberate me.
I belong to chaos
Revel in the nothingness
Thou art the truth,
hou art the answer
I am born of the sun
I look towards the stars for my reign to claim
I belong to no one
I chaos incarnate
Come claim the nothingness
Ov the universes secrets
Unbind the chains of time
Open up the gates
Thou art free
Thou art devine
In the darkness we shall shelter our hunger.
We tred on every enemy line in our way.
Fear is absent in the blood.
Shadows of nothingness,
shelter me with in the mundane.
Bringer ov the end of time
let me descend into the immortal ash.
Unleash the dragons fire.
Immortality and divinity,
awaits within vastness of stars.